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Friday, May 18, 2007

The 'Palestinian people' are fed up

MEMRI reports on its blog site that there are indications that the 'Palestinian people' are fed up with their 'leadership' and despairing of any end to the current violence. Here are three samples:
[T]he head of the Egyptian security delegation, Burhan Hamed, argued that Fatah and Hamas leaders, who are meeting to discuss the chaos and internal warfare in Gaza, are not representing the men on the ground who are fighting each other, and are incapable of ordering them to stop shooting.

Talal 'Awkal, columnist for the PA daily Al-Ayyam, wrote that Hamas members are not showing any concern for the consequences of the internal warfare in Gaza. He said that it is difficult to expect those who take no interest in journalists' lives, beset them by force of arms, and takes them hostage, to be disturbed by the continuation of the current situation, which is likely to cause Palestinians to emigrate.

Also in Al-Ayyam, Abdallah Awad strongly attacked both Fatah and Hamas: "Between the murders, between the abductions... our leaders continue to sit in their fictitious chairs and to bring tidings of resistance, liberation, unity, and return... They are all liars. The weapons that they want to keep, [on the explanation] that it is the weapons of the resistance, are the weapons of terrorism and internal murder... You are murdering the [Palestinian] problem, [the Palestinian] people, and [the Palestinian] future... Take your government, your militias, and your gangs, and go to Hell."
But give them a state reichlet and they'll stop fighting and the sun will rise in the west and set in the east.


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