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Sunday, May 06, 2007

'Palestinian' Civil War Watch - 'Give us money or we'll go back to fighting'

Once again blaming the world for their problems, the 'Palestinians' are threatening to return to civil war if the world does not lift the boycott against the Hamas-led unity government and start funding 'Palestinian' terror against Israel.
The refusal of the international community to deal with the new Palestinian Authority "unity government" has resulted in renewed tensions between Fatah and Hamas, PA officials here said over the weekend.


"Tensions between Fatah and Hamas are very high," said a senior PA official. "The situation could deteriorate into violence at any moment." The official denied reports in the Arab media according to which Abbas had threatened to resign if the US and EU didn't lift financial sanctions imposed on the Palestinians after Hamas came to power in January 2006.

Abbas, who returned recently from a tour of a number of EU countries, was quoted as telling his aides that he failed to make progress in persuading the international community to end the boycott of the new Hamas-led unity government.

"The president is very disappointed," said another PA official. "But I'm not aware of any threat by him to resign." Haniyeh was quoted over the weekend as saying that the PA government might be forced to resign because of the continued sanctions. He also talked about the possibility of dissolving the PA in protest against the sanctions.

Tayeb Abdel Rahim, a senior Abbas aide, said the current crisis in the PA was one of the worst [he had witnessed.] "The Palestinian cause is no longer receiving the same attention it used to receive by the world," he said. He expressed deep disappointment with the international community's stance toward the new Hamas-led coalition, warning that the PA's very existence was now at stake "because of the world's refusal to honor the democratic choice of the Palestinians."

Fatah spokesman Jamal Nazzal rejected as "collective suicide" Haniyeh's talk about dismantling the PA, saying such a move would only serve Israel's interests.

Israel, he claimed, has always "wanted to destroy the PA. That's why we find it strange that Hamas is now calling for the dismantlement of the PA. Hamas never accepted the establishment of the PA and considered it back then as a form of infidelity and treason," he said.

Maher Mikdad, another Fatah spokesman, accused unnamed elements in Hamas of trying to torpedo efforts to achieve rapprochement between the two sides. "There are some in Hamas who are opposed to the Mecca unity agreement [between Fatah and Hamas] and don't want stability and peace between the two parties," he said. "These elements are responsible for the growing tensions and attempts to renew internal fighting."
Imagine that. The world might actually be putting something other than the 'Palestinians' at the top of its agenda. What gall! Yasser Arafat must be turning over in his grave.


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