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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

LA Times gives a terror supporter a platform

Thursday was a travel day for me and were it not for Omri at Mere Rhetoric, I would have missed this.

On Thursday, the Los Angeles Times gave terror supporter and fugitive former MK Azmi Bishara a platform to spout his drivel.

I won't bother to answer him line by line, but I'd like to point out three 'macro' facts that Bishara chooses to ignore: First, the 'Palestinian people' are an invention of the Arab countries that was intended to vitiate Israel's existence. It is most unlikely that Bishara's ancestors lived in this country - more likely they lived in what is now Jordan or Syria.

Second, Israel did not expel the 'Palestinians' (who were not even called 'Palestinians' at the time) from the country during the 1948 war. Rather, they fled from this country due to the exhortations of the Arab countries who attacked the nascent State of Israel with the goal of 'driving the Jews into the sea.' The Israeli Jews of the time begged them to return.

Third, the lie is given to Bishara's professed desire to live in 'peace and equality' with Jews in Israel by his support for Bashar al-Assad's fascist regime in Syria and Hassan Nasrallah's Hezbullah in Lebanon. Assad and Nasrallah are still trying to accomplish what the Arabs have failed to do for more than 100 years: to wipe out the revenant Jews in Israel.

But of course, the LA Times doesn't think you need to know any of that.


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