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Thursday, May 17, 2007

'Journalists' trapped in Gaza

YNet is reporting this morning that 'journalists' 'Palestinian' stringers who shill for terror and dominate the coverage of the world's major wire services from Judea, Samaria and Gaza are 'trapped' in the Gaza Strip:
Gunbattles raged in Gaza Wednesday afternoon as Fatah and Hamas gunmen tried to take over several buildings in Gaza City. One of the buildings serves as the headquarters for the international press corps in the Strip, resulting in dozens of journalists trapped inside, with Fatah operatives on the roof of the building and Hamas operatives trying to break down the doors.

Journalists in the building, which houses several television stations, are worried that they will come to harm. The telephone system collapsed and one of the journalists said that he and his colleagues were preparing for a prolonged stay in the building.
Just who are these 'journalists' anyway? Recall that in one of my posts on Alan Johnston Tuesday I reported that
In his broadcast interview, to be shown at 2100 GMT Dr Sentamu also points to the fact that Alan Johnston has played a key role in giving a voice to the Palestinian people as the only journalist to have remained in Gaza.
In other words, all the other 'journalists' in Gaza are local stringers who live there and are from there anyway and are no more 'trapped' than any other Gazans. Some of them may even work for Fatah or Hamas. Now that you know the truth about where the biased reporting in Gaza comes from, do you still feel sorry for them?


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