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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's official: Livni told Olmert to resign

In a news conference held just a few minutes ago, after her meeting with Prime Minister Ehud K. Olmert, Foreign Minister Tzipi Feigele Livni said that she told Olmert in their meeting that he should resign as a result of the matters publicized in the Winograd Commission's interim report:
At the same time, she said that she has nothing personal against Olmert, and is not joining those who wish to expel him. She will not vote in favor of no-confidence motions designed to bring down the government. "General elections are not what the country needs right now," Livni said.
But Feigele is wrong. General elections are what the country needs right now. They're not what Kadima Achora needs right now because of all the Knesset seats they stand to lose. As usual, Feigele is worried about herself and the party and not about the country.


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