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Sunday, May 20, 2007

I feel safe now: the 'Palestinians' are against terrorism

Now I can sleep at night!

Jihad Watch reports from Muslim World News that the 'Palestinians' are against terrorism.
Palestine's permanent envoy to the United Nations (UN) and Ambassador to Austria Zohair Al-Wazir condemned any attempts to link terrorism and Islam on Friday.

"The Palestinian people are a stark reminder of life under occupation and state terrorism as practiced by the Israeli against them, their sanctities and lands over long decades," Al-Wazir told KUNA on the sidelines of the first anti-terrorism forum here.

"The Palestinian people are against all forms of terrorism,” he said, asserting the need to uproot all causes of terrorism including oppression and state terrorism.

"Among the roots of terrorism are the adoption of double standards in dealing with political issues, occupation, and infringement on human rights. [Double standards? You mean like the way the world continues to allow the 'Palestinian' to shoot Kassams at Israel and doesn't let Israel retaliate? Like the way the world continuously throws money at the 'Palestinians' without any need for accountability? CiJ]

"The Palestinian delegation to the forum renewed commitment to the resolution of the Arab League foreign ministers' meeting of March on opposition to all forms of terrorism and all attempts to link this global phenomenon to Islam.

"Islam advocates tolerance, moderation and coexistence," he pointed out. [If this weren't so patently untrue I could even laugh at it. CiJ]
But here's the funniest part of all:
Palestine is for launching a global anti-terrorism centre to coordinate the efforts of world countries and regional organizations in this field, Al-Wazir said
That's right folks: 'Palestine' - the same people who invented airline hijackings and suicide bombings - is launching a global anti-terrorism center. Too bad Yasser Arafat is dead or they could make him honorary chairman.


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