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Monday, May 28, 2007

Hamas teaches 'Palestinian' children to idolize Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and Yihye Ayash

Sheikh Ahmad Yassin was killed in an Israeli air strike in 2004 after bringing about the death of hundreds of Israelis. Yihye Ayash - also known as the 'engineer' - was a 'Palestinian' bomb maker who murdered hundreds of Israelis and met his 72 virgins when he answered a cellular telephone call in 1996. In this video from Hamas' al-Aqsa television - vintage 2007 - 'Palestinian' children are taught to idolize the late Sheikh Yassin and Yihye Ayash:
A Hamas video encouraging the participation of children in terrorism has been broadcast on Hamas TV. The video, which focuses on Ahmed Yassin, Hamas founder and religious leader killed by Israel, portrays young children as the continuation of Yassin. Children are shown in uniforms, holding rifles and participating in military training. The lyrics stress the children's connection to Yassin: "Even though they killed our [Ahmad] Yassin, the land will grow a thousand Ahmad."


At 3:34 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

You know if the manipulate the picture to get rid of the beard, and give him big black ears---they could kill two birds with one stone


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