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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Comrade Peretz waits for Israelis to die

After a barrage of eight Kassam rockets hit the western Negev this weekend, including one that hit a home whose occupants were away at the time, 'defense minister' Amir Comrade Peretz announced that the IDF is "prepared for a war in Gaza more than we were in the Second Lebanon War. There is a plan.”

The IDF confirms that there is a 'plan,' but unfortunately, it's going to require some Jews to be murdered in a Kassam attack first:
IDF officials told the Yisraeli daily commuter paper that the Gaza region will be “heating up” in the coming months. They said that the government has operative plans ready, but will not allow the IDF to carry them out unless there are fatal injuries due to a Kassam rocket strike.
Does anyone want to volunteer to be a target for a Kassam? How about if we let Comrade Peretz take that role?

For those who missed it, over the weekend, Comrade Peretz announced that after the Labor party primaries on May 28, he will be happy to step down as 'defense minister' and accept the finance ministry instead. For those of you who have forgotten why Comrade Peretz - who had no experience that was relevant to being defense minister - was not made 'finance minister' in the first place, go here. And I'm sure you're all at least as confident as I am that Hamas and Hezbullah will hold off on going to war until after May 28.


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