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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Chavez compares Indian massacres to Holocaust

Fellow blogger Daniel in Venezuela reports that Venezuelan madman Hugo Chavez last night compared the massacres of Indians by European settlers in what is now the United States in the 16th century to the Holocaust. Guess which one he said was 'worse'?
Globovision passed the astounding clip from tonight's cadena where Chavez says that the Native American massacres of the XVI century were worse than the Holocaust.

It is simply insulting to compare genocides. None can be worse than another one. There might have been less Tutsi killed in Rwanda than Jews in gas chambers, but that does not make the Tutsi massacre any less horrendous. One can NEVER use relative terms on such events.

I refuse to be even dragged into to what really happened during the America's conquest or during WW2, it would be exactly what Chavez wants me to do. People with some intelligence and ethics do see the infamous trap in front.
For those of you who speak Spanish (I don't), here's the video. Daniel says you'll find the offensive comparison around minute 6.

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