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Sunday, May 06, 2007

And again: Israeli seriously wounded near Ramallah

An Israeli security guard aboard a fuel truck near Ramallah was shot in the head and seriously wounded this afternoon. The terror attack occurred near the village of Dir Kadis. The guard was hit in the head and the leg, but managed to reach the Na'alin checkpoint from which he was evacuated to Tel Hashomer hospital after receiving first aid from Magen David Adom. No 'Palestinian' group has taken responsibility credit for this attack. YNet has details of this terror attack:
Security forces said that there were three or four terrorists in the car from which the gunshots were fired.

The security guard was sitting next to the oil tanker driver at the time of the attack. He sustained injuries to his head and leg and was evacuated to the Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv.

The driver reported of the incident to soldiers at the Na'alin checkpoint.

Police and IDF forces began searching the area in pursuit of the perpetrators.

Rafi Farjum, a Megen David Adom paramedic, told Ynet, "The man was shot from a passing vehicle near Na'alin and took a bullet to his head and upper and lower limbs. The most serious injury is the head injury.

"When we began the evacuation, the man was still conscious and was hemorrhaging. During the evacuation, his condition deteriorated, and we had to put him on a respirator. He was later anesthetized," he described.
Haaretz adds that the attack took place 600 meters from the checkpoint and that the guard sustained two bullets to the head. But US Secretary of State Rice is coming here next Tuesday to tell Israel why we need to dismantle checkpoints in Judea and Samaria. I'm sure that will do wonders to prevent attacks like this one.



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