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Friday, April 20, 2007

They're both right!

As the Labor party primary heats up with 'defense' minister Amir Comrade Peretz running a distant third behind former Prime and Defense Minister Ehud Barak and former General Security Service chief Ami Ayalon, Peretz attacked Barak today - and with good reason.

Barak - whom I used to refer to as "Arrogant Ehud" when he was Prime Minister in 2000 and 2001 - has been stressing his experience as a reason to vote for him as Labor party leader. Peretz raised a part of his experience that Barak would like to forget: Ehud barach (Ehud fled). Barak started this fight:
The Second Lebanon War was a failure, said former prime minister Ehud Barak on Thursday, adding that Israel was, nevertheless, "still the strongest country that lies between Libya and Iran."

"When the dust clouds settle after the Winograd Committee's conclusions... one lesson will be learnt: In the state of Israel, there is no substitute for experience," Barak continued during a speech he delivered to pre-army recruits.
Peretz hit back:
In response, associates of Peretz blamed Barak for the strengthening of Hizbullah. "The man who took the IDF out of Lebanon in a unilateral retreat and without any agreement involving an international force, is the one responsible for turning a blind eye."
Barak also proved the worthlessness of his 'experience':
"Israel's citizens understand the solution [for the Israel-Palestinian conflict] is the creation of two states. We are here and they are there," he said.
Yeah, right. And they keep shooting kassams at us....


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