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Monday, April 30, 2007

Syria has at least three major ballistic missile sites built with Iran's assistance

This was posted by fellow blogger Villagers with Torches four days ago, and I still have not seen it reported in the Israeli media.

Hat Tip: Maverick News Media
Satellite images released in the United States show three major missile sites in Syria. The sites, photographed in 2004, are located in Hama, Homs and in the Golan Heights.
The operational site in Hama has more than 30 concrete bunkers, which house multiple launchers, missiles as well as a missile electronics and assembly plant.

The Scud D has a range of 700 kilometers and the Scud C, 500 kilometers. Both missiles can be equipped with chemical warheads or a 1-ton conventional warhead. Syria has deployed more than 300 Scud-class missiles in the Golan Heights, north of the United Nations-administered demilitarized zone.

The site also features 30 launchers and is surrounded by a Syrian army division of 10,000 troops. Syria's military consists of 12 divisions. "The Scud D can hit any point in Israel from the furthermost point in Syria near the Iraqi border, and it was done specifically to hit every single point in Israel," Rubin said. A third missile facility has been located in Homs, about 150 kilometers north of Damascus.

The site also has a facility that installs chemical weapons warheads on missiles. Israeli analysts said the Syrian military has also moved Katyusha-class rockets near the Israeli border. Syria was impressed by the effectiveness of intense Hizbullah rocket salvos against the Jewish state during the war in mid-2006.
Something tells me that the IDF isn't prepared for this either....

Read the whole thing and view the rest of the pictures.


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