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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Richard Cohen gets something right

My old friend Richard Cohen at the Washington Post is trying to figure out today why British journalists chose to boycott Israel of all countries. While he says a lot of things I don't like along the way, his bottom line as to why the journalists chose to boycott only Israel is spot-on:
The British journalists, like the academics before them, dare to tread where an army of goons has gone before. If they do not recognize the ember of anti-Semitism still glowing within them, they ought to park themselves before a mirror and ask why, of all the nations, they single out Israel for reprimand and obloquy. This business of assigning to Jews a special burden, for seeing in them more of mankind's bad qualities and less of its good, has a dark and ugly pedigree: the Chosen People, again -- and again in the wrong way.


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