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Friday, April 06, 2007

Israel's Hebrew 'Palestinian' daily

Steve Plaut was the first guy I ever saw refer to Haaretz as "Israel's Hebrew 'Palestinian' daily" and it was long before either he or I were blogging. But to really appreciate how much Haaretz is the home of self-hating Jews, you can't just read the English edition. The English edition is toned down, because they realize that the type of Jew in America - or for that matter even Europe - who is going to care enough about Israel to read an Israeli newspaper online does not want to see the kind of self-hating venom spouted by the Israeli left. The most vile articles Haaretz carries never make it into the English edition. They're only in Hebrew. Here's one example that appeared in the Hebrew online edition earlier this week. Luckily for those of you who can stomach it, but who don't speak Hebrew well enough, the lefty bloggers in the US and Israel lap up this stuff and one of them decided to translate it into English. Here's a small sample:
There is nothing festive in this posting. Passover, shmassover, I hate the holidays because while we celebrate, while us Jews babble slogans about freedom, and fantasize that we are a miserable enslaved nation, we are in fact busy enslaving the Palestinian people. It`s become banal and boring to repeat this a thousand times, but in my eyes, the hypocrisy cries out to the heavens. [The Passover prayer] `Oh bread of poverty` is no longer the bread of poverty of Jews but of numerous Palestinian families in the Occupied Territories, who live off thirty or forty shekels the head of the household manages to scrounge together doing temporary jobs once every few days.

I got to know one such family this past Friday. I joined my daughter, Talila, at a demonstration against the Wall in Bil`in. The protocol involves gathering at Tel-Aviv`s Northern railway station and from there somehow organizing ourselves into Arab minibuses and private cars, and driving to those Palestinian villages whose income has been affected by the Wall. That is, the Wall separates between the villagers and their fields. My daughter is well-accustomed to these demonstrations. For me, this was the fist time. This is how I met Dr. Ilan Shalif, the living spirit of the the demonstrations and organizer of rides.

Shalif is a psychologist and an anarchist, who surely has better things to do with his time than to busy himself organizing taxis. This is what it means to be an idealist: to do things for altruistic reasons. He comes equipped with special large glasses to protect against the sting of tear gas the border police will throw at him. What encouraged me was that not all the demonstrators were youngsters, some were more-or-less my age, like Yisrael and Dvorah (Dvorah Ferdel-Zilberstein) who in the end volunteered to drive us in her red Vauxhall to Bil`in.
For those who can stand it, you can read the rest here.

If any of you is willing to dismiss this as 'just anti-Zionism' and not anti-Semitism, allow me to show you how I stumbled on this blog. Like most right-wing bloggers (or so it seems), one of the blogs I read regularly is Charles Johnson's Little Green Footballs. This morning, Charles has an appallingly anti-Semitic screen capture from the Daily Kos, the blog of choice for lefty bloggers and Democratic moonbats. Unfortunately, the Koslings are mostly Jewish too. The cartoons posted on Kos, which Charles captured (and which you SHOULD look at), came from another anti-Semite, a Belgian named Ben Heine (don't know if he is Jewish but I would bet on it). The Haaretz translation I linked to above was posted on Heine's site as a 'guest post' and is entitled "The Jewish People are not my People. My People are Hashem and his Family from Bil`in."

Look for all of these lefties to expect Israel to save them when their 'Palestinian' friends start to slaughter them.


At 11:26 PM, Blogger Red Tulips said...

Hi Carl:

I saw that article on another hate site, myself. It's disgusting, how Jews do the work for those who wish to destroy us for them.

The self hating Jew is a sickness, and will lead to the end of us if it gets worse.

At 1:30 AM, Blogger Epaminondas said...

well I just posted a comment over there ...let's see if they have the guts to post it.

New heights of naive longing !
Amazing !

At 3:52 AM, Blogger Ben Heine said...

"Look for all of these lefties to expect Israel to save them when their 'Palestinian' friends start to slaughter them."

Shame on you, man. You are the kind of person that generates more hatred and wars in this world.

At 2:13 PM, Blogger Epaminondas said...

Mr. Heine,
Your art is Der Sturmer removed by a few years.
I congratulate you on your ability to criticize Carl, and maintain your ability to hold your food down while manufacturing racist smears of the highest order.

Regardless of your heritage, you have stepped on 6 jewish million graves, and made a mockery of the 45 million dead in the effort to rid the world of fascism.

At 4:58 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

The real name of this rag (the newspaper for "thinking people" and self-hating Jews) is El Ard, translated to Hebrew as Ha Aretz


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