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Sunday, April 01, 2007

How will Nancy Pelosi get into Syria?

Karol Sheinen at Alarming News asks a very interesting question: How will Nancy Pelosi get into Syria?

From Wikipedia's Syria page:

For American citizens, the Syrian government has tightened restrictions and is requiring visas issued from the embassy in DC even if you are applying in the country you have residence in. It is vitally important that there is no evidence of a visit to Israel (called "Occupied Palestine" by Syria) in your passport, i.e. a stamp or visa from Israel, or Jordanian or Egyptian border crossings with Israel. Likewise you shouldn't say that you have or will travel to Israel to officials in the embassy or at the border. It is rumoured this restriction is very strict - if you have a brand new passport or a period in the middle east with gaps between the exit and entry stamps, a visit to Israel might be suspected and your visa will be denied, or your entry will be denied even with visa.
In the old days, you could ask the Israelis not to stamp your passport or the Americans to issue you a second passport if you wanted to travel both to Israel and to Arab countries. But it sounds like the Syrians are trying to crack down on those games.

Read the whole thing.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin


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