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Sunday, April 15, 2007

First they came for the Saturday people and now they're coming for the Sunday people

Now that the Jews have been expelled from the Gaza Strip, the 'Palestinians' can focus on the Christians. I have reported several times on "an 'unknown group' variously calling itself the 'Swords of Truth,' the 'Just Swords of Islam' and the 'Righteousness of the Swords.'"

Early this morning, there were three explosions in the Gaza Strip. Two of them damaged internet cafe's and we all know how dangerous the internet is to the spiritual health and well being of the average Muslim. We wouldn't want their women knowing that there are places in the world where women go out in less than a niqab now would we?

The third explosion occurred at a Christian bookstore called the Bible Society that is funded by American Protestants.

All three establishments sustained heavy damage.

I wonder whether the Bible Society is sponsored by the same Protestant groups that support the 'Palestinians' and have urged boycotts against Israel.

But give them a state reichlet and all of the world's problems will be solved.


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