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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The 'even-handed' world media

I told you that I wanted to discuss the story next to which the picture in my previous post was placed. The story dealt with the disclosure by Israeli authorities that Iran has (apparently unsuccessfully) attempted to use Israeli Jews of Iranian origin as spies against Israel. It's a story that had prominent play in the Israeli media yesterday, and which may lead to Israelis being barred by the Israeli government from visiting Iran. It's also a story that has nothing to do with Israel's holding 'Palestinian' terrorists except for the fact that Israel is involved in both stories. So why is that picture there? Because in the inane world of the media, they cannot show the Arabs' attempts to 'get' Israel without also showing what they perceive as Israeli attempts to 'get' the Arabs. The reverse, it goes without saying, is not true.

And so, this story, which is an al-AP dispatch from a non-Arab writer that supposedly deals with Iranian efforts to spy on Israel, is accompanied by a picture of a 'Palestinian' demonstration and suddenly switches gears and interrupts itself in the middle for this special announcement:
In Cairo yesterday, an Egyptian engineer from the country's nuclear energy agency was arrested yesterday on charges of spying for Israel.

Egypt's security prosecutor, Hisham Badawi, announced that two foreigners, one Japanese and one Irish, were wanted in connection with the case but remained at large. He identified the Egyptian engineer as Mohammed Sayed Saber and said he was arrested Feb. 18, but that news of his detention was withheld pending the completion of the investigation.

Saber is accused of stealing documents from the Atomic Energy Agency and passing it on to agents of Israel's Mossad intelligence service for $17,000.
Yes, of course, the ubiquitous Mossad - the only organization in the world that can be in more places at once than Karl Rove, must have been behind this attempt to commit espionage against Egypt's nuclear energy search. Egypt, as you might recall, is a country with which Israel is at 'peace' and is the third largest recipient of US foreign aid.

Removing the anti-Israel rot from the world's three biggest news organizations (al-AP, al-Reuters and AFP) is a large task. But it's one that must be undertaken if the truth about Israel is to be reflected in the world's media. We have to start somewhere.


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