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Monday, April 02, 2007

Arab in Jordan arrested for selling Hebron home

Haaretz is reporting that one of the Arabs who was arrested for selling a home located on the "path of blood" between Hebron and Kiryat Arba was arrested in Jordan. That ought to tell you what a 'peace treaty' with an Arab country is worth to Israel.

Article 11, Section 1b of the Israel - Jordan Peace Treaty, which was signed on October 26, 1994, provides as follows:
1. The Parties will seek to foster mutual understanding and tolerance based on shared historic values, and accordingly undertake:


b. as soon as possible, and not later than 3 months from the exchange of the instruments of ratification of this Treaty, to repeal all adverse or discriminatory references and expressions of hostility in their respective legislation;
Am I the only lawyer here who thinks that a provision of Jordanian law that makes it a capital offense to sell land to Jews (in Israel no less!) ought to have been repealed twelve and a half years ago in order to comply with that treaty provision?


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