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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Peres: Olmert still wants to dismantle 'settlements'

The thing that amazes me the most about this country is how people's agendas remain the same regardless of events. With Syria and Hezbullah threatening war in the north, and with Hamas' agenda being adopted by Fatah on the 'Palestinian' front, Slimy Shimon Peres, and his new protege Ehud K. Olmert, have not given up yet on trying to give away the country.

Peres told Channel 2 television this evening that Olmert "remains committed" to dismantling 'settlements' if only Hamas will talk to him - and even if they won't he'd still like to at least throw some Jews out of their homes.
Asked Saturday whether the dismantling of settlements was still on the government's agenda, Peres told Channel Two: "Settlements will be removed, yes. Not all settlements, and I'm not even sure that most of the settlements (will be removed)."

Peres said he could not say whether "dozens of settlements or less" would be dismantled," but that Olmert would make a serious effort to keep his promise to evacuate settlements.

Peres said the positions of Hamas would influence Israel's action. "We will implement it (the West Bank pullback) according to deeds," he said. "If Hamas will be willing to negotiate, recognize Israel and reach peace, then definitely yes."
And where does Slimy Shimon expect to put those Jews he wants to expel from their homes? After all, the government has just done such a great job of 're-settling' the Jews they expelled from Gaza.


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