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Friday, March 02, 2007

Jihad City

Haaretz, citing 'western intelligence sources', says that the city of Tyre in southern Lebanon has become a center for Islamic terrorists with thousands of terrorists from all over the world residing there. Interestingly, back in October, I told you all that the UNIFIL forces were centered around Tyre and that the port city of Siddon - further to the north - had become a Russian - Syrian spy base and a Hezbullah stronghold. And some of you may also recall that Tyre was the source of long-range rockets that were fired at Haifa and Hadera during this past summer's war.

But these terrorists aren't necessarily Hezbullah. They're just Islamic terrorists who want in on the terror:
Recent intelligence indicates that hundreds of Sunni Muslim terrorists from various Arab countries are currently residing around Tyre, mainly in a Palestinian refugee camp near the city. Some of the terrorists are apparently from Sudan and Yemen.

Both Western and Israeli intelligence agencies fear that the jihadists' growing presence in southern Lebanon will lead to more attacks against Israel and a renewed escalation along the northern border. The United Nations forces deployed along the border following last summer's war with Hezbollah are also considered potential targets.


In December 2005, members of the Lebanese Al-Ansar group, which is affiliated with global jihad, fired Katyusha rockets at the Galilee panhandle, though no one was hurt. The organization had been in contact with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, then head of Al-Qaida in Iraq, who was killed by American forces last June.

There is considerable tension between the global jihad groups in Lebanon and Hezbollah - not only because Hezbollah is Shi'ite rather than Sunni, but also because they have been involved in turf wars.

Until its war with Israel last summer, Hezbollah was considered the sole power in southern Lebanon. It demanded that all other organizations obtain permission from it before carrying out any attacks on Israel. Shortly before his death, Zarqawi lambasted Hezbollah for this and accused its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, of "collaborating with Israel," because at that time - prior to its July kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers - Hezbollah was vetoing attacks by other groups.
Islam is the religion of peace murder, whether we're talking about Shiites or Sunnis. They must be stopped.


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