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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Iran issuing new nuclear banknote

Iran is issuing a new 50,000 rial banknote this week, worth about US$5.41. The note will have a map of the Persian Gulf on one side (see left) with the nuclear symbol of electrons revolving around an atom on the map.
"If the science exists in this constellation, men from Persia will reach it," says the calligraphic legend beside the atomic orbit, quoting a saying (Hadith) from the Prophet Mohammed.

On the front of the note is a picture of the Islamic republic's founder, the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, which according to the law must be on all Iranian currency.


The head of printing at the Islamic republic's central bank, Jalal Jalilian, denied there was any link between the issuing of the note and rising prices of basic foodstuffs in Iran.

"Bank notes are a medium of exchange and (their printing) has nothing to do with depreciation of the national currency," he said.


The note is the first new bill issued since February 2004 when Iran's Central Bank introduced a 20,000 rial bill. A dollar is now worth roughly 9,300 rials. Prior to the 1979 Islamic revolution it stood at 70 rials.
I guess Islam does wonders for the economy. Must be all the women they remove from the workforce.

But give the 'Palestinians' a state and Iran will just become a normal country. Just ask Baker and Hamilton.


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