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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dhimmis in Brussels

The Iranian web site Baztab reports on an effort by the "Iran-Belgium Chamber of Commerce" to bring 'Europeans' to visit Iran. Of course, just to make sure that the Dhimmis remember their place, 'Muslim Europeans' Eurabians will get priority:
In an attempt to provide the chance for Muslim Europeans to become more familiar with Iran’s Islamic and cultural tourism attractions, Iran-Belgium Chamber of Commerce intends to arrange tours for Europeans to visit Iran. In this project, the priority will be given to Muslim Europeans who wish to visit Iran.

Abdollah Reghbati, who has been working with Ghadir cultural center in Brussels for a year now, has so far organized several tours to Iran for German and Belgian Muslims. According to him, the main objective behind establishing this Center was to draw cooperation among Muslims living in different European countries and establish connections between European Muslims and other Muslims living in the world.

Reghbati who attended the International Conference on Tourism in Islamic Countries, held in Tehran 3-5 March 2007, told CHN: “In cooperation with Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Ghadir Center which was established last year in Brussels, is determined to perform some cultural projects including arranging some tours for bringing Muslim Europeans to Iran. Performing such projects requires that some memorandums of understanding to signed with different groups active in different tourism fields including cultural and religious tourism.”

According to this religious expert who has been living in Europe for four years, the Iran-Belgium Chamber of Commerce has shown willingness to cooperate in this plan and has invited the private sector to invest in this project.

A large number of Europeans are interested to come to Iran and visit its religious and cultural attractions,” added Reghbati.
Look at the bright side: unlike the Saudis, they at least allow Jews to visit. In fact, there are still Jews living in Iran.


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