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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The basics of runnning a state: roads and sewers

The 'Palestinians' showed today why they're not worthy of a 'state' and why giving them a 'state' will endanger their own population nearly as much as it will endanger the rest of the world. In the Gaza village of Umm Naser, at least ten people were killed when the wall of a large cesspool collapsed. At least thirty people are missing. Two hundred and fifty houses were affected by the sudden flood of sewage water, and the rest of the village has fled. Umm Naser is about 800 meters from Gaza's border with Israel. It could happen anywhere, right? Well, yes, except that the 'Palestinians' have to add their own unique touch:
Defense Minister Amir Peretz instructed the Gaza Liasion Administration to offer any assistance necessary to the Palestinians.

Sources at the administration said that they had been in touch with their Palestinian counterparts and offered medical aid, as well as the raw materials needed to fix the wastewater wall that caved in.

The Palestinians expressed their appreciation, but said that, for now, they were able to deal with the flooding on their own. [Wouldn't want to admit that the Jews could actually help, would they? CiJ]

Sources at the Gaza Liasion Administration said their offer stood, and they would help if requested to do so.

Angry residents drove reporters out of the area and mobbed government officials who arrived at the scene.

"We lost everything. Everything was covered by the flood. It's a disaster," said Amina Afif, 65, whose small shack was destroyed.
Even Indonesia accepted aid from Israel after the Tsunami a few years ago (not that they appreciated it - they didn't - but they took it anyway). And now, here's the effort to blame their problems on the rest of the world:
The Water Authority's Kawash said Gaza's poor infrastructure was to blame for the accident.

Several major sewage treatment projects funded by foreign donors, including one in Umm Naser, were frozen after Hamas won elections last year.

"We had a project to treat sewage in north Gaza, it was worked on for two years," Kawash said. "We built a pressure pipe line and pumping station," he added. "But it was stopped after ... troubles began."
But give them a state reichlet, and they will suddenly be more interested in running their sewer system than in destroying Israel. Yadda, yadda, yadda!


At 9:56 PM, Blogger Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Carl,
One thing none of the stories on this have mentioned - that the metal sewer pipes prime source of purloined material used by the Palestinians for the manufacture of Qassam rockets, mortars and rocket launchers used in the War against the Jews.

The Palestinians have always been full of it - now they are literally swimming in it.


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