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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Useful idiots are a bigger threat to Israel than nuclear bombs

In political jargon, the term "useful idiot" was used to describe Soviet sympathizers in western countries (particularly in the United States) and the alleged attitude of the Soviet government towards them. The implication was that the person in question was naïve, foolish, or in willful denial, and that he or she was being cynically used by the Soviet Union, or another Communist state. The term is still in use and used more broadly to describe someone who is perceived to be manipulated by political movement, terrorist group, or hostile government, whether or not the group is Communist in nature.

Israel produces many useful idiots who are naive, foolish or in willful denial of what the 'Palestinians' would like to do to us, and they are being cynically used by the 'Palestinians' and their fellow Arabs. Some of these useful idiots are now touring the United States under the sponsorship of Jewish or 'Palestinian' groups, or local Jewish communities. According to a report by Israel's foreign ministry, many of these useful idiots are former members of the IDF:
These ‘refuseniks’ are Israelis who have served in the IDF but disagree with the way the army operates in the West Bank and Gaza.

Sponsored by Jewish and Palestinian organizations, refuseniks representing “Shovrim Shtika” (Breaking the Silence) and “Combatants for Peace” travel to different campuses and Jewish communities in the US, and give audiences their take on what goes on in the territories.

The “Union of Progressive Zionists” and “Brit Tzedek v’Shalom” (Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace) were among the Jewish organizations that are funding the refuseniks.

“The willingness of Jewish communities in the United States to host these organizations, and even sponsor them, is unfortunate. This is a phenomenon that must not be ignored,” the report said.
What our foreign ministry doesn't understand is that by the time these people get to the US, it is way too late to stop them. They are the product of the post-Zionist education on which they have been raised. Last week at the Herzliya Conference, Nobel Prize winner Professor Robert Aumann hit the nail on the head when he said that post-Zionism is a greater danger to Israel than nuclear bombs. (Hat Tip: Zionist Conspiracy):
Having outlined the threat of Iranian nuclear attack, and the greater threat of Iranian proliferation of nuclear weapons among Islamic terror groups, Aumann continued:

"And now a few words about a third threat, which is perhaps the greatest of all. It does not come from Iran, nor from terrorist groups, nor from any external source. It comes from within us. 'We have met the enemy, and it is us.' Esteemed ladies and gentlemen, your humble servant makes his living from game theory - among other things, very serious games: games of life and death and of existence and annihilation.

"The name of the game in game theory is motivation, incentives. Earlier, we discussed the motivations of those standing on the opposite side. Motivating ourselves is the most important thing, and the thing we are losing the most. Without motivation, we will not endure. What are we doing here? Why are we here? What are we aspiring to here? We are here because we are Jewish, we are Zionist, because of our ancient bond to this land; we aspire to realize our 2,000-year-old hope of becoming a free nation in our land, the Land of Zion and Jerusalem. Without this profound understanding, we will not endure. We will simply no longer be here; post-Zionism will finish us off."

The Nobel Prize Laureate, who was an outspoken opponent of the Disengagement, then addressed the prime minister: “About half a year ago in Petra, Jordan, the prime minister said that we are tired. He was right. He was elected by the nation, and he expresses the sentiments of the nation. We are like a mountain-climber that gets caught in a snowstorm; the night falls, he is cold and tired, and he wants to sleep. If he falls asleep, he will freeze to death. We are in terminal danger because we are tired. I will allow myself to say a few unpopular, unfashionable words: our panicked longing for peace is working against us. It brings us farther away from peace, and endangers our very existence. I think it was Churchill who said, ‘If you want peace, prepare for war.’ The preparation includes material preparation, a fantastic army, effective tools of war, but above all, we are talking about spiritual preparation, about spiritual readiness to go to war.

Roadmaps, capitulation, gestures, disengagements, convergences, deportations, and so forth do not bring peace. On the contrary, they bring war, just as we saw last summer. These things send a clear signal to our 'cousins' [the Arabs -ed.] that we are tired, that we no longer have spiritual strength, that we have no time, that we are calling for a time-out. They only whet their appetites. It only encourages them to pressure us more, to demand more, and not to give up on anything. These things stem from simple theoretical considerations and also from straight thinking. But it's not just theory: it has been proven and re-proven in the field over thousands of years. I returned today from a trip to India, where we heard about historical stories that illustrate the same. Capitulations bring about war; determination and readiness bring about peace.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we must tell our 'cousins' that we are staying here. We are not moving. We have time; we have patience; we have stamina. Understand this and internalize it. And we must not simply say it to our cousins but feel it within ourselves. This and only this will bring peace. We can really live in peace and unity and cooperation with our cousins. But only after they understand and internalize that the Zionist state will be here forever. Thank you very much.”
Now there's a guy who is worthy of being in government. Unfortunately, politics in Israel are so corrupt that I am sure he would never consider it.


At 1:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Idiots are always a big problem.

Have a Blessed Week

At 1:16 PM, Blogger Michael said...

If the idiots are in the States, let them stay there. Is there any reason to let them back in here?

At 2:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Have you served in the IDF?

Some of the participants in Breaking the Silence are Modern Orthodox American olim who came to Israel davka to serve in the IDF and were left reeling in horror from their experiences.

These people are not products of post-Zionist indoctrination. On the contrary, many of the participants were brought up as Labor Zionists in the kibbutz movement and are committed to a strong and secure Israel. However, their experiences in the territories have brought them to the conclusion that the policies currently being carried out in the territories are detrimental to Israel's long term security.

You have completely mischaracterized good, decent, young Jewish men, who love Israel and who fear for its future.

I think it's shameful.


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