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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Nasrallah criticized in Lebanese press

The Lebanese newspaper al-Mustaqbal, which is owned by the family of assassinated Lebanese President Rafik al-Hariri, is reporting that Lebanese should not buy into Hezbullah's claims that the resignation of IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz is a victory for Hezbullah. Earlier this week, Hezbullah put on a three-hour fireworks display to celebrate Halutz's resignation:
On Saturday, political observer Fares Khashan published his response to Nasrallah's claims of victory in the Lebanese newspaper Al-Mustaqbal.

"Hizbullah cannot sell the Lebanese people Dan Halutz's head, especially since his resignation came more than five months after the destructive war that he led against Lebanon.

These are political claims that no one is buying, and not just because it won't bring back the dead, the bridges, the work, the economic growth and the faith that was lost in the country, but also because the Israelis didn’t get rid of Halutz just to replace him, but to bring a military personality who is more determined and active in regards to Lebanon, in case the war comes knocking again," Khashan wrote.

"Halutz's resignation does not help Hizbullah, but puts Lebanon in serious danger yet again, since the Israeli army, that pushed Halutz to resign, has emphasized its slogan of being 'unbeatable'. The Israelis demanded that whoever could not lead the war give up his post to someone who could get a decisive victory on Lebanese soil. Meaning Israel did not admit that its army's failure was a result of Hizbullah's force, but that it was a result of Israeli mistakes."
But the most curious part of the article was Khashan's apparent admiration for Israel:
During his interview, [Hezbullah leader Sheikh Hassan] Nasrallah admitted that "despite the enemy's many faults, it has some virtues, like the ability to resign or terminate anyone who has not properly fulfilled their role."

Nasrallah said this referring to the democracy in Israel, and used this statement to sting Siniora's government which has not been "fulfilling the people's will."

The writer Khashan however, used Nasrallah's own words against him, stating that: "If the Lebanese were given the right to question Hizbullah's leadership, according to the same criteria customary in Israel, this leadership would have to pay a heavy price."

Nasrallah also quoted Israeli media, and criticized Lebanese media affiliated with Siniora's government in his interview.

Khashan responded to this saying "the Israeli media took a great part in criticizing the military performance and political leadership such that Hizbullah began talking about its achievements 'in the Hebrew language.' However, the Lebanese media placed its head in the guillotine of treason for trying to support Hizbullah's military performance."

Khashan ended his article with a firm assertion saying that it is clear that the Lebanese people should not be thanking Hizbullah for getting rid of Halutz, since Israel is able to get rid of poor war commanders and 'cleanse' itself of failures, while Lebanon on the other hand has been unable to do so, and bounces from one disaster to another.

"In 1982 the 'Palestinian revolution' in Lebanon was not maintained when Ariel Sharon was dismissed from his role as defense minister, and in 2007, you cannot say that Hizbullah has triumphed and made Lebanon safe just because Halutz resigned."
It's a shame that the Lebanese opposition parties are still afraid to work with Israel.



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