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Monday, January 01, 2007

Knesset Education Committee says "not in our schools" to Yuli Tamir

The Knesset Education Committee today said לא בבית ספרינו (not in our schools) to Moonbat Education Minister Yuli Tamir, who wanted to reintroduce the green line (the former pre-1967 border) to all maps in textbooks used by Israeli schoolchildren. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised.
The committee adopted Knesset Members Zevulun Orlev and Zeev Elkin's decision proposal to adopt the government's decisions from 1967, according to which the country's borders will not be marked according to the ceasefire lines (the Green Line).

The committee concluded that "the textbooks in the education system include satisfactory material, which properly instructs on the history of the country and State's borders, including the ceasefire lines."

The committee called on Tamir to cancel her decision regarding the Green Line. MK Orlev told Ynet, "The education minister is trying to put the Green Line back on the agenda, and etch it in the students' consciousness out of a Peace Now political perspective."

"I want to believe that the education minister will not fail the citizenship test – every minister pledges to be loyal to the State of Israel and abide by the Knesset's decisions. If the education minister fails to follow the Education Committee's decision, she should be dismissed," he added.
Orlev is from National Union - National Religious Party - a party on the right of the political spectrum. I wonder how this happened. Did the coalition members of the committee not show up? Or did they actually vote against her? Arutz Sheva says it was a 'non-binding' 8-2 vote, which would suggest that the coalition members also voted against her.


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