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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jewish and Israeli blog (JIB) Awards Nominations

Nominations are now open for the Jewish and Israeli blog (JIB) awards. These are the instructions to nominate blogs for awards (from the web site administrator):
By going here:

Click into the category you'd like to nominate into, then choose 'New Thread.'

You'll need to register before being able to post, but the forum software should guide you through that process.
I refuse to nominate myself as many bloggers do. (I also do not rate my own posts). I am thankful to any of you who feel I am worthy of any award. Someone has already nominated me for Best Israel Advocacy blog (thank you!). If any of you want to nominate me for other categories (and I believe you have to nominate by category), I will feel very honored, whether or not I win. Please note that for award purposes, I believe that this blog is still considered a "new" blog.

Nominations close on January 18.



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