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Monday, December 11, 2006

Senator Kyl and former CIA director Woolsey urge Bush not to 'engage' Iran and Syria

Two of America's biggest national security experts, Republican Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona and former Clinton administration CIA director R. James Woolsey, have urged President Bush not to 'engage' Bashar al-Assad of Syria and Mahmoud Ahmedinadinnerjacket of Iran (also known as Mutt and Jeff for reasons that should be obvious from the picture at left). (Hat Tip: Pajamas Media). The two, who serve as Honorary Co-Chairmen of the Center for Security Policy's bipartisan National Security Advisory Council, sent an open letter to President Bush:
In our view, opening negotiations with Iran (and Syria) as suggested by the ISG will have several undesirable effects.

# First, such negotiations will legitimate that increasingly dangerous regime and reward its violent and hostile actions against us and our allies. We should rather endeavor to discredit and undermine this regime.

# Second, such a course will embolden our enemies who already believe they are sapping our will to resist them.

# Third, such an initiative would buy further time for the Iranian mullahs to obtain and prepare to wield weapons of mass destruction.

# Fourth, entering into negotiations with Tehran's theocrats will create the illusion that we are taking useful steps to contend with the threat from Iran - when, in fact, we would not be. As a result, other, more effective actions - specifically, steps aimed at encouraging regime change in Iran - will not be pursued.
Let's hope that some of these experts give President Bush the strength to withstand the onslaught from Baker and the Dhimmicrats that will undoubtedly start in January.


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