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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

'Palestinian' Civil War Update - Five more 'Palestinians' killed; IDF denies it's a civil war

Five more 'Palestinians' were killed so far today in fighting between Fatah and Hamas forces, including two Fatah members terrorists who were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. Curiously, Arutz Sheva reports that the IDF denies that there is a civil war going on out there:
A source in the defense establishment said that the battles will not likely develop into a war that involves all PA Arabs, simply because many PA families that have both Fatah- and Hamas-affiliated members. "At the most, it will be a militia war," the source said.

IDF intelligence sources believe that the two factions will eventually agree to new elections, as per the speech delivered last week by PA President Mahmoud Abbas. The agreement, IDF sources note, may be due to efforts of leaders of small PA terrorist groups that would not be able to compete with either Hamas or Fatah, such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the Islamic Jihad and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP). New elections, if agreed upon, cannot take place until May 2007, which will give the PA about six months of calm, according to the IDF analysis. The Hamas announced yesterday, however, that it would boycott any new elections at this time.
The IDF needs to 'get real' on this one. A 'society' in which fathers murder their daughters and brothers murder their sisters for 'family honor' will not be saved from civil war due to the fact that some family members support one faction and some support another faction.

YNet reports that one man was killed and eleven others were injured this morning when a gun battle erupted inside the Shifa Hospital compound in Gaza City.

Two Fatah 'security officers' were killed and five other 'Palestinians' were wounded during Hamas-Fatah gun battles elsewhere in Gaza City; and at least total 20 people were wounded during the exchanges of fire in the Gaza Strip.

In the afternoon 'Palestinian' sources said that the bodies of two Fatah terrorists who were kidnapped earlier in the day by Hamas terrorists were found in Gaza city. The two men belonged to the 'Palestinian Intelligence Forces.'

'Palestinian' sources in Gaza also reported a failed assassination attempt against Governor Ismail Abu Shammala, who is affiliated with Fatah. According to the report terrorists opened fire at the governor’s vehicle.

The Jerusalem Post reports on how the fighting in the Shifa Hospital compound started:
The fighting began after a member of the Fatah-controlled intelligence service arrived at the hospital with a broken leg. He was accompanied by two armed colleagues. Hamas gunmen guarding the hospital blocked the entry of the armed men and attempted to arrest them.

The fighting later spread to one of the main offices of the intelligence service [Why would an 'intelligence service' have offices in a hospital compound? Oh, I forgot, this is 'Palestine' where everyone hides behind civilians. CiJ], which was attacked by mortars and grenades, security officials said. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

When more Fatah forces arrived on the scene, they were fired upon, sparking the gunfight, Fatah officials said.

Hamas identified the dead man as Ismail Abu al-Hir, 25, a member of its 'police unit.'
Haaretz reports that five children human shields were wounded this morning in the crossfire. The United Nations 'Human Rights Council' will not be sending Bishop Desmond Tutu to investigate what children were doing in cross fire.

Haaretz also carried a picture of a 'gunman' who is loyal to Abu Mazen. I would like you all to look at this picture and see if any of you believe that he is more than 16-17 years old. The United Nations 'Human Rights Council will not be sending Bishop Desmond Tutu to investigate the use of children as 'gunmen' by Fatah and Hamas.

Haaretz also has this piece of deja vu:
Dozens of police loyal to Abbas but who work in the Hamas-controlled Interior Ministry staged a protest outside their headquarters, firing rifles into the air and saying they would no longer take orders from minister Saeed Seyam. They called Seyam the "minister of treason".

Civilians fled for their safety and some shops closed. In between bouts of fighting, masked gunmen roamed the streets.

"This is madness," said taxi driver Adel Mohammad-Ali, 40. "The streets are divided between Hamas and Fatah gunmen. You never know who is who."

Gee, that's the same problem the IDF has distinguishing 'civilians' human shields from terrorists in Gaza. Maybe they should wear ... UNIFORMS!

And then there is the war of the kidnappings, summarized by Arutz Sheva:
Also on Monday, Hamas forces kidnapped and then released, as a "gesture of good will," Sufian Abu Zaydeh, former Fatah minister of prisoner affairs for the PA. Shortly after his release, Fatah terrorists, who back PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, abducted 11 Hamas fighters in revenge.

Hamas said it snatched Abu Zaydeh in retaliation for the earlier kidnapping by Fatah of Hamas official Emad De'eb.

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades spokesmen said that Hamas "broke all the rules" by abducting Abu Zaydeh and that the action was "the reddest line that has been crossed" in the intra-Arab battles, which have threatened to fray still further the war-torn fabric of Gaza society as splinter terror groups continue to act independently of agreements forged by rival gangs.

One of the abductees is the brother of Palestinian Authority Fatah legislator Ala'a Yaghi. French and Arab news agencies reported that five Fatah and four Hamas members were kidnapped, besides the 11 Hamas fighters abducted late Monday. By nightfall, Hamas and Fatah terrorist leaders agreed to free hostages each side had taken during the day. It is unclear if the kidnappers have as yet fulfilled the agreement.
Some of you may recall that Fatah and Hamas agreed on a 'cease fire' on Sunday night. I didn't even report it then, because I was convinced it would not last. Guess what....

In sum, I believe that the IDF is dead wrong when it says that there is no civil war going on in the 'Palestinian' territories. And it's sure lots of fun watching it from the sidelines. Faster, faster.... May both sides continue to succeed at killing each other.


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