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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kassam rewards

The Jerusalem Post is reporting today that Hezbullah has been handing out cash rewards based on the number of Jews killed and injured by 'Palestinian' Kassam rockets that are shot from the Gaza Strip. According to the Post, we're not talking about small change either. We're talking about "thousands of dollars."
"Palestinian terrorists get thousands of dollars per attack. Sometimes they are paid before the attack and sometimes they submit a bill to Lebanon afterward and the money gets transferred a short while later."

According to the officials, while Islamic Jihad was behind most recent rocket attacks - including the one on Tuesday night that critically wounded 14-year-old Adir Basad in Sderot - several splinter terrorists groups are also involved and have received direct funding from Hizbullah.

According to security officials, Islamic Jihad gets the money via its headquarters in Damascus while Fatah's Tanzim terror group and the Popular Resistance Committees receive payment from Hizbullah in Lebanon.

All of the money originated in Iran, the officials said.

Government officials said Hamas was not currently involved in firing missiles, but was doing nothing to stop those who were.
Please note that the "Popular Resistance Committees" - the people who kidnapped IDF Corporal Gilad Shalit - are a part of Hamas (and the proof is that Hamas has been conducting the 'negotiations'). So to say that Hamas is 'not currently involved in firing missiles' is disingenuous.

For those of you who thought that all that cash that's been smuggled into the Gaza Strip is going to pay the 'salaries' of poor 'Palestinian' employees whose salaries have been cut off due to the 'boycott' of the 'Hamas government' - think again.


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