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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Have they no shame?

Earlier this week, I reported that representatives of the anti-Zionist anti-Jewish Neturei Karta movement were attending Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinadinnerjacket's Holocaust denial 'conference' in Tehran. Honestly, I wondered what they were doing there. Surely, they wouldn't deny that the Holocaust took place!

Neturei Karta is apparently not denying that the Holocaust took place. But they are also claiming that Ahmadinadinnerjacket isn't denying it, which is an out and out lie! And, they're claiming that if a Jewish state should be anywhere, it should be in Germany!

Former Chief Rabbi and current Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv Yisrael Meir Lau, a Holocaust survivor himself, has even more right to be outraged than the rest of us:
Former chief rabbi of Israel and current chief rabbi of Tel Aviv Rav Israel Lau is horrified by Neturei Karta's idea. He also doesn't buy the explanations provided by the Jewish conference guests that the conference does not aim to deny the Holocaust, but to oppose Zionism.

According to Lau, "This is something not tolerated by the intellect, something that is complete insanity, truly chaos. If it could be that any Jew, for whatever reason, who is capable of shaking the hand of a Holocaust denier in a generation when there are still people with numbers tattooed on their arms among us – this is insanity that not only has no justification, but also no explanation."

As a Holocaust survivor, Lau wants to remind people: "What is the meaning of the number on the arm? The meaning is that the Nazis and their collaborators erased the humanity in people and turned us into numbers. I, for instance, wasn't Israel Lau, not even Lulek, my Polish nickname. I was Buchenwald prisoner number 117030, while I was still 7 and a half years old."

He added a personal call and demanded Pope Benedictus XVI to publicly condemn the Iranian conference.

"Especially as a religious figure and a native of Germany, he is about to meet this week with the prime minister of Israel, which is a state that was established on the ashes of the Holocaust and its furnaces. He should make decisive and explicit statements condemning the conference in Iran," Lau beckoned.
I don't care what these lunatics say - they're entitled to their opinion. But in going to Tehran and encouraging Ahmadinadinnerjacket they are desecrating God's name and endangering Jewish lives. There will surely be hell to pay for that. Hopefully not by anyone other than them.


At 9:51 PM, Blogger Neurodoc said...

Which group is the Neturei Karta? Somewhere in the press they were identified as Satmar. However, I know the Satmar rebbe was in Bergen Belsen and on the Kasztner train. (My mother was also on it). So who are these confused people?

At 10:20 PM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...


They used to be part of Satmar, but Satmar expelled them precisely because Satmar - while anti-Zionist on religious grounds (they believe that no Jewish state may be established until the Messiah comes) - opposes actions that could potentially endanger Jewish lives.


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