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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dhimmis in the Holy Land

Just two days after Ben Gurion Airport was ranked first among 40 European airports, and fifth out of 77 around the world (with four Asian airports ahead of it), in a survey of the Airports Council International (ACI), the Israeli Airports Authority is going to 'improve' on it: They're adding a mosque.
As part of its passenger services improvement program, said [Airports Authority Director General Gabi] Ophir, a 20-square meter room for Muslim religious services will be built in Terminal 3, the main terminal at the airport.

Facilities for washing hands and feet prior to entering the small mosque will be provided outside the room.

“The initiative to set up the prayer room is an additional element in the efforts IAA is making in order to strengthen ties with the Arab sector,” said Ophir. He added that the new addition came in response to passenger requests that the IAA set up a Muslim prayer room.

The mosque will face the direction of Mecca, the Saudi Arabian city which serves as the capital of Islam. It will also be carpeted, and will contain copies of the Koran for use by worshippers.
The overwhelming majority of passengers at Ben Gurion are Jews. I don't think the synagogue there is any bigger than 20 square meters.


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