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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Another hudna biting the dust

I assume that you all remember that in addition to the hudna between Hamas and Fatah, there is also supposed to be a hudna between 'Palestinian' terrorists and Israel. You remember that one, right? The one where the 'Palestinians' keep shooting anyway and Ehud K. Olmert keeps turning the other cheek to get it slapped harder?

Today, the 'Palestinians' shot six Kassam rockets into southern Israel. This time they wore the uniforms of Islamic Jihad, which took responsibility for the attacks. There was one rocket that landed south of Ashkelon, two near the Sufa Crossing, and three Kassam rockets that landed just outside Sderot. No casualties were reported in any of the incidents. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the Sderot attack (then who shot the other three?), saying it was "just the beginning" of its revenge for the deaths of the two high-ranking members killed earlier in the day. As Karen Carpenter used to croon, "we've only just begun...."

Tonight, there was a very interesting incident in Gaza, to which Israel claims not to be connected.
An explosion hit near a group of Palestinian terrorists trying to launch rockets at Israel from the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday, residents said, blaming an IAF airstrike for the blast.

None of the Palestinian operatives was injured, residents said.

The IDF denied any involvement in the incident.
Olmert may be happy to keep getting slapped, but YNet reports tonight that the IDF has had it:
A senior Israel Defense Forces official told Ynet Wednesday that “Israel’s policy toward the incessant Qassam rocket fire may be interpreted as a sign of weakness.” [May? MAY? CiJ]

Following the launching of some 40 Qassams since the agreed upon ceasefire went into effect, army officials are increasingly calling for retaliation, including pinpoint attacks on rocket-launching area and Qassam cells.

Ynet has learned that the IDF recently decided to remove artillery batteries that were placed around the Gaza Strip a few months after the disengagement, this following the errant fire on Beit Hanoun and the truce. [Somehow, I doubt that the IDF decided anything of the sort - more likely that the political echelon decided for them. CiJ]

At least half of the rockets fired toward Israel since the ceasefire was declared landed in Sderot and surrounding areas. Senior IDF officers are demanding more freedom to act, but the political echelon decided that the army would not return fire at Qassam-launching cells as long as the truce remains in effect.
Olmert, Peretz and Livni continue to fiddle, and Israel continues to burn.


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