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Sunday, December 24, 2006

And again, and again: Israeli driver shot in Samaria; Kassam hits Sderot apartment

An Israeli was shot as he was driving his car earlier this evening between Neve Tsuf (where my daughter and son-in-law were for the Sabbath) and Ofarim, north of Ramallah:
An Israeli was moderately wounded Sunday evening after Palestinians opened fire at this car traveling near the West Bank village Dir Abu Mashal, northwest of Ramallah.

The incident occurred on the highway between in the West Bank between Neveh Tzuf and Ofarim.

The Israeli, who was shot in his leg, received initial medical treatment at the scene from IDF soldiers who were in the area, and was scheduled to be transferred to a nearby hospital for further care.

The shooters reportedly fled in the direction of of the Palestinian village Shukba, and security forces were conducting extensive sweeps in that direction in pursuit of the shooters.
Meanwhile, the Jerusalem Post's Israel Alert Service (no link yet) is reporting that a Kassam rocket hit a Sderot apartment building on Sunday evening. Several people were suffering from shock, and damage was caused to the structure.

This afternoon, three more Kassams were fired at southern Israel from the Gaza Strip. No one was wounded in those attacks. One of those Kassams fell in open territory near Sderot, while the other two landed in open territory in the western Negev.

The United Nations 'Human Rights Council' will not be sending Bishop Desmond Tutu to investigate any of these incidents. But Ehud K. Olmert continues to fiddle as Tzipi Livni sings harmony, defenseless Defense Minister Amir Comrade Peretz (who now opposes the continued 'restraint' says that 'restraining' the IDF is 'not particularly helpful') wonders what the heck he is doing in this government, and Israel continues to burn.


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