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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Weapons smuggled into Gaza despite because of cease-fire

Early on Sunday morning, I broke word of the cease fire hudna. At the time I noted that "A cease fire hudna is to go into effect in the Gaza Strip at 6:00 AM Sunday. Israel accepted the 'Palestinian' offer, pursuant to which it will stop military operations in Gaza in return for an end to all Palestinian violence, including rocket fire, tunneling, and suicide bombers."

Now I thought, and I assume all of you did too, that the inclusion of 'tunneling' meant no weapons smuggling during the hudna. So I am sure that you will all be shocked - just shocked - to hear that the 'Palestinians' are smuggling weapons into Gaza 'despite' the hudna.
Since Israel and Palestinian militants agreed to a cease-fire four days ago, Palestinians have continued smuggling weapons into the Gaza Strip from neighboring Egypt, including several pieces yesterday, Israeli and Palestinian security officials told WND.

The truce, which went into effect Sunday, called for a halt of smuggling activity by Palestinian groups in Gaza. It also called for a cessation of rocket attacks launched by Palestinian militants in Gaza aiming at nearby Jewish communities in exchange for Israel withdrawing its ground troops from the Strip and halting military activity in the territory.


IDF sources told WND the Israeli army Sunday had identified seven militants about to launch rockets into Israel, but due to changed rules of engagement in response to the cease-fire, IDF forces were prohibited from taking out the rocket crews.

Olmert told reporters Israel would exercise "patience and restraint" in the face of Palestinian violations of the cease-fire.

Israeli and Palestinian security sources said Palestinian groups the past four days have continued to smuggle weaponry from Egypt into Gaza. Since Israel withdrew from Gaza last summer, hundreds of tons of weaponry reportedly have been smuggled into the territory. Palestinian sources said about 150 assault rifles and a small number of rocket-propelled grenades made its way into Gaza between Monday and yesterday in spite of the truce.

"It's business as usual," said a Palestinian security official in Gaza. "Nothing out of the ordinary as far as smuggling. Not a massive amount, just the normal routine amount."
Of course, we already knew earlier this week that this was happening. But now the Israeli 'security officials' have confirmed it too.


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