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Monday, November 27, 2006

Terrorists Say ‘Ceasefire’ hudna Enables Arms Smuggling and Training

This morning, I noted that the IDF is not happy over the cease fire hudna, because it will give the terrorists the time to rearm and regroup. This afternoon, the terrorists themselves confirmed the same claim.
Abu Abir, spokesman for the Hamas-linked Popular Resistance Committees terrorist organization in Gaza, said Sunday, “The ceasefire offers a period of calm for our fighters to recover and prepare for our final goal of evacuating Palestine.”


In a series of exclusive interviews with Aaron Klein of WorldNetDaily, terrorist leaders said the ceasefire – which was broken within two hours after it officially went into effect at 6:00 Sunday morning – will be used to smuggle weapons into Gaza, reinforce and train “fighter units,” and produce rockets for a future confrontation with the Jewish State.

Abu Abdullah, a senior leader of Hamas' "military wing," told WorldNetDaily that Hamas agreed to the ceasefire "because we need a period of calm to recuperate. This lull in fighting will not bring us to speak about peace."


Abu Luay, a leader of Islamic Jihad in Gaza, said Israel's weak stance "proves that our rocket attacks work. The Zionists know there is no remedy for our rockets."

The Islamic Jihad leader said rocket attacks against Israel would resume "at a time of our choosing."
So why can't the Olmert-Peretz-Livni government figure this out? There's nothing worse than a true believer who's just plain wrong....


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