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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Suicide motivations are 'inherent' to Islam

There's a fascinating piece in today's Jerusalem Post about a new documentary about what motivates 'Palestinian' suicide bombers. The documentary concludes that the feelings that motivate suicide bombers - sexual frustration and humiliation - are inherent to Islam. It also concludes that the 'moderates' will never rein in the 'fanatics,' because the two believe the same things. It's only a question of timing:
It is Rehov's thesis that although the Israeli occupation, poverty, frustration at checkpoints and a desire to avenge Palestinian deaths may all contribute to convincing young men and women to strap on explosive belts, the real causes behind such acts lie much deeper.

He identifies two psychological factors he says are key to the formation of the terrorist mindset, both of which he argues are inherent in Islamic belief and practice: a high degree of sexual frustration and a deep sense of humiliation and wounded pride.

Rehov's conclusions, which he says are rejected out of hand as "politically incorrect" in Europe, are borne out to a considerable extent by the prisoners' own words and the commentaries of Arab, Israeli and other experts interviewed in the film.

The would-be terrorists rarely speak of nationalist grievances but constantly emphasize their religious mandate.


A sense of shame is another major motivating factor for aspiring terrorists, according to Rehov. "It is bad enough that the infidel West is superior in technology and wealth, but to have been defeated by Jews, whom Muslims have held in contempt for centuries, is the utmost humiliation," he said.

Rehov treads on more controversial ground when he describes sexual frustration as perhaps the key component of the terrorist mind.

"Young Muslim men are raised in a highly restrictive atmosphere riddled with sexual guilt and taboos," he said. "They grow up without a natural relationship to women, whom they hold in deep contempt."

The fantasy of martyrs receiving 72 virgins in paradise is part of that culture, as is the sense that the more liberal Israeli lifestyle is corrupting Islamic purity, Rehov noted.

He observed similar sexual attitudes among serial killers in other countries, one reason he titled his film Suicide Killers.

The filmmaker dismissed the argument that Islamic moderates will eventually rein in extremists if given proper support by the West.

"All Muslims, even in countries like Egypt and Tunisia, believe that Islam will prevail worldwide in the end, because that's the word of God," he said. "Moderates believe that this will happen sometime in the future. The extremists think that it will happen in their lifetimes, and they want to be part of the victory. It's just a difference in the timing, not in the ultimate outcome."
Read the whole thing.


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