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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile

Blogspot is having problems again, and I thought this might be a good time to post some excuses for not posting.

Hat Tip: Pajamas Media
"I know I have not posted in quite awhile due to personal training, appearances and DVD slaes skyrocketing, but I dod want everyone to know - I AM STILL A VEGAN NUT!" [LINK]

This guy says he hasn't blogged in awhile because he's busy becoming a full-time blogger. [LINK]

"work has rurned out to be a curse and blessing, more money but I work with a bunch of alcoholics" [LINK]

"I've been busy But not much has been happening in my life other than working." [LINK]

"The reason...extreme working. " [LINK]

"I got promoted to an officer in my World of Warcraft guild "Trick Model" on Illidan. [LINK]

It must be because I haven't done much around the house to brag about! The place still looks the same, so this must mean that I am at least maintaining the mess instead of adding to it. I still have a piles everywhere." [LINK]

"Yesterday I wrote a heavy-handed piece about individualism and the merits of self-sufficiency, but I decided not to post it because it was not consistent with the cheerful character that is Cooper." (Warning: scary photo.) [LINK]
Read the whole thing.


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