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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

'Solidarity Day' at the United Nations

Today is November 29, 2006, the 59th anniversary of yet another missed opportunity by the Arabs (there was no such thing as a 'Palestinian' in 1947) to make peace with what was about to become the State of Israel. At the United Nations, November 29 is celebrated each year as the "International Day of Solidarity with the 'Palestinian People.'" Some of you may recall that last year, this was the day when the Middle East map that did not include Israel graced the UN.

The day almost sounds tame when you read about it on the UN's web site, but at the bottom we are told that the Committee on the Exercise of the 'Inalienable Rights' of the 'Palestinian people' arranged to screen a movie together with the 'Palestinian' Permanent Observer Mission. The movie is called "The color of olives." There is also an exhibition called “Contextualization: A Palestinian narrative.” Both 'events' are taking place at UN Headquarters in New York.


At 10:46 AM, Blogger Michael said...

Yup, nothing like turning yourself into a perpetual victim, with nothing to live for except other people's pity.

Why can't the pals just quit their whining, tighten their jocks, and start building lives?


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