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Monday, November 20, 2006

Security fence breach

I often drive from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv on Route 443. From time to time I see holes in the 'security fence' and call police to report them. I often wondered whether my reports were taken seriously. Tonight, I got my answer.

Channel 10 reported tonight that there are dozens of breaches in the 'security fence' around Jerusalem. Dozens of 'Palestinians' are able to enter Jerusalem every day through those breaches. The Jerusalem Post reports:
According to the report, no fence remained at all for a stretch of some eight kilometers, and every meter or so, the upper part of the fence was bent.

Holes in the barrier were noted approximately every 100 meters, and the alarm system had been disconnected.

The discovery raises the question of the effectiveness of the barrier, which was built to keep terrorists from infiltrating the country.
I trust that will help you all sleep well tonight....


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