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Monday, November 27, 2006

Meretz MK maintaining contacts with convicted terrorist for government

Israel Radio reported on its 11:00 news broadcast that Meretz MK Haim Oron is maintaining contacts with Marwan the Murdering Moron Barghouti, the former head of 'moderate' Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen's Fatah's Tanzim terrorist organization, who is serving six consecutive life terms in an Israeli prison for murdering six Israelis and for planning several terror attacks.

Not only did Oron not deny the story, he also did not deny that he was maintaining the contacts on behalf of the Olmert-Peretz-Livni government.

Separately, tonight, Oron's Meretz party offered Olmert a 'safety net' to ensure that his government would not fall if a vote on making 'concessions' to the 'Palestinians' is turned into a no-confidence motion in the government. The Labor party, Olmert's 'senior partner' in the coalition, praised Olmert's speech from earlier today, while no one in his own Kadima Achora party was willing to criticize it from the right. That includes revenant traitor Otniel Schneller.

Meanwhile, Yisrael Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman is wondering what he is doing in the government, and vows that Olmert's 'program' will never get through.

I suppose it goes without saying that the right wing MK's slammed Olmert for today's insanity. Disappointingly, the Jerusalem Post cites a 'Likud spokesman,' and not Bibi Netanyahu.

Update 12:03 AM (from Israel Radio's Midnight newscast)

Olmert's office is denying that Oron is in touch with Barghouti on his behalf.

Oron's Meretz party says that even if Oron is not in touch with Barghouti on Olmert's behalf, there have been contacts with Barghouti.


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