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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's 9:00 AM in Sderot

Four Kassam rockets have already hit this morning.

One person has been critically wounded and one 'lightly' wounded when the factory in which they work suffered a direct hit.

One house has suffered a direct hit - no word on any casualties.

Two rockets - fortuitously - fell in 'open fields.'

Yesterday, Chief of Staff Dapper Dan Halutz, the guy who took care to close his open securities positions three hours after Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser were kidnapped in Lebanon - before much of the public knew - said that Israel is not "coming to terms with" or "surrendering to" rocket fire.

And Ehud Olmert, Amir Comrade Peretz and Tzipi Livni, our Prime Minister, 'Defense' Minister and Foreign Minister, respectively, are continuing to fiddle as Israel burns.

Update 10:22 AM

The representative of the UN Commission on Human Rights, Louise Arbour had the audacity to visit Sderot this morning while the factory that was hit by a Kassam burned. Arbour slammed Israel yesterday for 'intolerable human rights violations' in Beit Hanoun.
When Arbour arrived at the blazing factory with Mayor Eli Moyal, her car was rocked by angry protesters accusing her of pro-Palestinian bias. Her security escorts whipped the UN official away from the scene, cutting short her attempt to explain she had come to witness the Israeli side of the conflict. The factory was evacuated for fear of hazardous materials blowing up.
I think Arbour qualifies as a 'hazardous material.'
Opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu calls for a double military operation without time limit in northern Gaza, the main source of Qassam fire, and Philadelphi route, to stem rising influx of Palestinian weapons. No confidence motions were filed in the Knesset for the government’s failure to halt the Qassam offensive against southwest Israel.
But no confidence motions don't pass, because MK's are beholden to their parties and not to the public.


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