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Monday, November 06, 2006

Hezbullah captures Israeli anti-tank guided missile system

Middle East Newsline is reporting this morning that Hezbullah captured an Israeli anti-tank guided missile system this summer.
Israel state-owned television said an unidentified army unit left the launcher and missile in southern Lebanon. The television said in a Nov. 3 report that Hizbullah found the Spike system and transferred it to Iran.

The Spike was developed and produced by the state-owned Rafael, Israel Armament Development Authority. The system, sold to several countries, was widely used against Hizbullah in the 34-day war in Lebanon, which ended on Aug. 14.
How do you leave a missile system behind? Especially when you're not withdrawing under fire? But I guarantee you all that Dan Halutz (the Chief of Staff) will promote all the responsible senior officers....


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