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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hamas: 'We want 1000 prisoners plus any women and under 18 prisoners for Shalit'

Hamas says that it wants 1000 male prisoners, plus all female prisoners under the age of 18 released in exchange for Gilad Shalit. And it warns that this won't be the last kidnapping. (I note with some satisfaction that this article carries the byline of Paula Slier, and hope we will see more of her work in the future).
Abu Mujahed, spokesperson of the Popular Resistance Committees, one of the three groups holding Shalit, is adamant any exchange has to involve the release of 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in addition to all women and children being held in Israeli jails.

"I have not seen the soldier but I can tell you on good authority he is very healthy. I can't say anything about whether or not he is injured," he said. "He is being looked after according to Islamic tradition." [Does that mean that when he is release we will discover that he has converted to Islam, God forbid? CiJ]

Abu Mujahed has a list outlining the captors' demands. "We want Israel to stop its raids and we want all arrested ministers released. We will continue our work in this matter. We had kidnappings in the past and many Palestinian prisoners were released after agreement was reached with the Israelis, so we know Israel will agree to a deal. This is not our last kidnapping; we are planning future ones. It's the only way for us."
The kidnappings will continue (and worsen, God forbid) so long as the 'Palestinians' are convinced that they pay. Israel cannot allow this.


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