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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

France 2 loses second al-Dura trial

The second al-Dura trial had a better outcome than the first one. Here's more from Pajamas Media:

Just in from PJM Paris editor Nidra Poller: “Judge Nicolas Bonnal, with his hallmark two-day beard and looking like he just took off his motorcycle helmet, threw the second al Dura case out of court today, delivering a blow to Charles Enderlin’s aggressive lawsuit strategy.

Judging that France 2 did not provide proof for the allegation that Pierre Lurçat is the director of the site on which the incriminated statements were published [League de Défense Juïve], the court rejected the plaintiff’s case without further consideration. Will France 2 appeal? Questioned by Véronique Chemla of Guysen Israel News, a visibly embarrassed Maître Amblard said something about further research to find out how to establish individual responsibility for a given website. Maître David Dassa-Le-Deist, delighted by the terms of the judgment, notes that his client has endured six years of legal harassment from a plaintiff that used Wikipedia to establish the chain of responsibility… now snapped by the court.”


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