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Friday, November 24, 2006

The exploding grandma

Every time I see this story, her age goes up. The JPost now has it at 68.

A 68-year old mother of nine, grandmother of forty-one, blew herself up near a group of IDF soldiers tonight, killing only herself and lightly wounding three soldiers, thereby proving that hatred of Israel and Jews among the 'Palestinians' knows no boundaries. Hamas took credit for the attack.

The attacker was one Fatma Omar An-Najar from Jabalya. The IDF reported that soldiers had received an intelligence tip that a female suicide bomber was about to strike. The IDF said that the soldiers spotted the bomber and threw a stun grenade at her, causing her to set off the explosives she was carrying. That likely kept down the casualty numbers in this incident.
At the ramshackle compound where the extended family lives, her oldest daughter, Fatheya, 52, explained her motives. "They (Israelis) destroyed her house, they killed her grandson - my son. Another grandson is in a wheelchair with an amputated leg," she said. "She and I, we went to the mosque. We were looking for martyrdom."

Hamas spokesman Abu Obeideh said both Palestinian men and women are committed to battling the Israelis. "We told the Zionist enemy we will meet it with many surprises ... and this is one of the surprises, presented by a 57-year old woman," he said.
So much for assuming that women over 40 are safe. I hope the Jerusalem police will keep this in mind when they determine the Temple Mount restrictions every Friday.


At 6:23 AM, Blogger What is "Occupation" said...

Glad she's dead...

what else can I say?

She is a virus that has killed herself! Such a terrible people, such a terrible legacy..


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