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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Children and Missiles of Sderot

Jewish Current Issues has a wonderful post about the children of Sderot living under the constant threat of 'Palestinian' Kassam rockets.
Palestinians have fired more than 1,000 rockets from Gaza into the Israeli city of Sderot so far this year; and more than 1,300 rockets since August 2005 (when the last Jew left Gaza); and more than 3,500 since 2000 (when the Palestinians began a new war after being offered a state).

Every one of the rockets was intended to kill civilians. In fact, the rockets are intended to kill children (and they have), because the rockets are frequently fired early in the morning, when kids are going to school, or are fired at other times at the schools themselves. The kids refer to those mornings as “Red Dawn.”

The teachers in Sderot have tried to help the children cope through art. Here is a picture of “Red Dawn” by Karin Hori, a fifth grader at the Science Orthodox School in Sderot. The caption written on it is “My heart is sad and broken always. I feel a ‘Red Dawn’ deep, deep in my heart.”
The post includes a lot more pictures done by the kids, and the story of how they ended up in Los Angeles (You can bet that these pictures will not end up being displayed by Israeli leftists at Brandeis University).

I won't spoil the fun for you by giving any more away. Go look for yourselves.

Hat Tip: Boker Tov Boulder


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