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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bring this government down!

The following was in an email I received tonight from Marilyn. For those of you outside of Israel, substitute 011972 or 00972 (or whatever your international dialing code is) for the first zero:
If you are receiving this, you are probably a person who is despairing about what Olmert is doing to the country.

You may have been wondering where the opposition to the gov't is, and why it hasn't been brought down.

Now, for the first time, there is at least a hint of the possibility that it might be brought down.

MK Effie Eitam (National Union/NRP) has gone to the Likud party to appeal for a cooperative effort, if not a full merger, to create a strong opposition to the gov't. Said Eitam:

"Right now, the public is quiet, despite the revulsion they feel for this government; they feel there is nothing they can do in the current political constellation. There is great anger and disgust, but it is not being manifest. The sense is that the public is like a coiled spring, ready to burst and act - but they need a leadership that will guide and encourage it."

If this describes you, it is important for you to let relevant MKs know. Now is not a time to stay quiet.

First, Effie Eitam needs to be congratulated in this action and strengthened -- let him know you are with him and that he should persist.

Then, key persons in National Union/NRP and Likud need to know that you are strongly for this initiative. They need to know that something is expected of them in terms of leadership, and that they are being watched. They have to understand that you want them to take the gov't down, and that their efforts now will affect how you vote later.

Below you will find phone numbers and e-mails for key persons, as mentioned above. Phoning is more effective. In most instances you will reach an aide and not the MK himself. This is fine -- deliver your message dynamically to that aide.

Then, please, send this on to everyone you can think of here in Israel who is also upset with the gov't and would respond to this. We have to make this response snowball. If we don't try, for certain nothing will happen.

It is especially important to move this message beyond the Anglo community to native Israelis in every part of the nation.

Taking the time to do this -- to make the phone calls and forward this e-mail on to others -- is a modest effort on behalf of a nation in trouble.

(Note: if there are multiple "fwd" indications on the subject line, delete, and consider deleting the "forward" data in the text -- this one sent to this one who sent to this one, etc. -- as this distracts from the impact of the message.)


MK Effie Eitam -- aide Shlomit 054-726-7810


MK Benny Elon -- head of National Union --

most effective is to use his beeper and leave message (no need for call back): 03-610-6666, then give #44150


MK Uri Ariel -- National Union -- 050-724-1680


MK Aryeh Eldad -- National Union -- 050-787-4669


MK Zevulun Orlev -- head National Religious Party -- 052-396-9888; aide Shuki 050-569-0103


MK Binyamin Netanyahu -- head Likud -- aide Ofir 050-200-2004


MK Yuval Steinitz -- Likud -- 052-385-3280


MK Ruby Rivlin -- Likud -- aide Rivka, 050-623-3710



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