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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

An appeal to Israel's Supreme Court against Israel's Supreme Court

Leftist 'activists' are going to file an appeal to Israel's Supreme Court over its avoiding - for the last four years - making a decision on whether or not Israel's targeted killings of Palestinian terrorists are legal. Yes, this is what happens when you live in the zany world of Aharon Barak where no issue is not justiciable. In fact, yesterday afternoon, I heard Israel Radio's leftist legal correspondent Moshe Negbi saying that the court was stuck between not wanting to approve killings without trial on the one hand and taking away what the army says is its most effective weapon in the war on terrorism. That seems like a slam dunk to me, but Barak and Co. wouldn't let me near the Supreme Court bench :-)

The YNet article that covered the story yesterday did not mention a key point I heard on Israel Radio: that many of the petitioners are not Israeli citizens. But hey - when anything is justiciable, why not let the rest of the world petition here too!


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