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Friday, November 17, 2006

And he was probably in Israel legally....

The Jawa Report, via Michelle Malkin, reports on an al-Reuters photographer in Kalkilya who - ahem - needed to supplement his income a little bit....
Police arrested a Reuters photographer from Qalqilya on suspicion that he possessed stolen goods.

According to suspicions, the man, 34, sells stolen electronic goods in his Qalqilya store, where 50 laptops, 8 digital cameras, 40 video camera and 15 palm pilots were seized. The goods were stolen from Israeli households in the Sharon area.
I guess life has gotten tough now that all the bloggers are on the lookout for fauxtography. I'll bet this guy actually had a permit to be in 'Israel proper' (most 'Palestinians' are not allowed into 'Israel proper' these days) as a 'member of the media' who needed to be here for his - ahem - work.


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